Sylvia Tribel

The Fitbit Sense 2

We know During the Thanksgiving holiday, a high-end fitness tracker like the Fitbit Sense 2 might be very useful. It can quantify the increase in heart rate that occurs after consuming three litres of gravy. Before battling the crowds on Black Friday.



Fitbit offers hydration suggestions based on sweat loss and recuperation advice after aerobic exercises, which Fitbit doesn't. However,  sports tracking is excellent.


The Fitbit Sense 2 is claimed to offer a six-day battery life

Powerful processing speed and infinite cloud storage.

This watch protects swimmers and showerers. They're 50-meter waterproof.



The Fitbit has predecessor, with more rounded edges and a softer approach in addition to being 10% thinner and 15% lighter. You won't even realise the device on your wrist.

Price details

The Fitbit it will cost $299.95 in the US, £269.99 or €299.95 when it goes on sale

Black friday Special

You can buy this amazing FitBIT below $100 specially on Black Friday


This fitbit sense 2 is an amazing choice for this black friday