Air pods Pro Review

– Much better noise cancellation – Improved sound quality and clarity – Case has speaker and pinpoint location finding

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The now-defunct and aptly called Apple In-Ear Headphones were the first pair of Apple headphones to have an in-ear design; the AirPods Pro are the only other set.


The three sets of silicone ear tips that are included with the AirPods Pro click into place and offer passive noise isolation even before the electronics kick in. If the user is unfamiliar with in-ear earbuds, a vent mechanism is utilised to equalise the pressure so they don't feel uncomfortable.


One microphone is located on the outside and one is located on the inside of the earphones for the active noise cancellation system. The external microphone keeps track of the background noise before producing an audio signal that cancels it out.


The AirPods Pro also have a new in-ear design that keeps them in place and is IPX4 water and sweat resistant, so you can use them while working out or running without worrying about damaging them.

Unique processor

AirPods, does all processing inside. The unique processor allows the AirPods Pro to process music, noise cancellation, and hands-free Hey Siri commands while maintaining the AirPods' low latency.

Smart features

The AirPods Pro are equally as intelligent as the regular AirPods. To quickly pair with an iOS smartphone, simply open the lid close to it. You can take them out to pause the song and then put them back in to resume playing.

MRP ₹26900.00 (Incl. of all taxes)



The Ear Tip Fit Test is a feature that measures the sound pressure level using an internal microphone to ascertain whether the ear tip you have chosen is the proper size for your ear and whether you need to adjust it for a better seal.

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