Best Comparison: Mivi Thunder Beats vs boAt Rockerz 255

Last Updated on September 18, 2021

So, you’re now becoming more involved in choosing earphones from 2 specific brands, Mivi Thunder Beats vs. boAt Rockerz 255. However, you don’t have to worry.

In this article, we have a detailed comparison of Mivi Thunder Beats vs. boAt Rockerz 255. With this, we have listed the best wireless earphones within Rs 2000, which we have written after reviewing over 50 earphones. 

We hope you will choose one of the best earphones that fulfil each of your factors.

We are comparing both earphones side by side. We have previously given the comparison table for both earphones. After that, each aspect is carefully written in complete detail.

Let’s start comparing.

Mivi Thunder Beats vs boAt Rockerz 255

Mivi Thunder BeatsboAt Rockerz 255
ModelBE5TB-SGRockerz 255 Black
ColorMetal, Red, Blue, GreenBlack, Yellow, Blue, Neon, Ocean Blue, Red, Green
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0Bluetooth 4.1
Battery120 mAh110 mAh
FeaturesNoise Cancelling, Magnets Earbud, IPX5 sweat proof, Noise Cancelling, Magnets Earbud,

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Design and Build Quality


Mivi Thunder Beats – Image Credit Mivi Official

Metal body casing that gives the overall earphone the look of a premium design. Besides, there are earbud magnets that can be used for assembling when not in use.

The ribbon wires have three buttons and a charging jack to control the earphone. Typically volume control and a multifunctional button are provided.

BoAt Rockerz 225

Boat-Rockerz-225 – Image Credit Boat Offical

The earbud has wings on top that protect the earphone from falling while running. The earbud design is comfortable, making the ears feel gently without hurt.

It will not be possible to provide high-quality plastic and soft earbud for its competitor within this price range. It features an ipx5 sweat proof and water resistance to prevent sweating.

Sound Quality

Mivi Eardrums

mivi eardrums design – Image Credit Mivi Official

This earphone is specially designed for music lovers because it has given the speaker sensitivity of 104 dB. If you are a bass Lover, then go with this earphone.

The output quality of the microphone that comes with civic noise cancelling is very sharp and clear. The output of the vocal comes with full detail in this earphone.

BoAt Eardrums

Boat Rockerz 255 Eardrum design – Image Credit Boat Official

There is nothing complacent about audio quality in this price range. We consider the bass quality, treble quality, and coordination of this earphone above the best in our reviews.

The noise cancellation of the microphone provides quite good results. If you call the phone in a noisy place, it is possible to hear a clear sound.



Mivi Thunder Beats charging time is 2 hours approx. The 120mah battery compresses up to 7 hours of continuous music playing. The earphone’s automatic turn-off feature plays an irresistible role in saving the battery life.


The 110mah battery, which takes about 1.5 hours to charge. Boat rockerz 255 battery life gives back up to 8 hours.

The auto turns off feature of this earphone increases battery backup. If you are not using an earphone, it automatically shuts off.

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Editor Final Words

In our Mivi Thunder Beats review, it will be a good purchase if you prefer only songs and music because we consider every aspect of the review, such as speech, vocals, music, etc.

The boAt provides good output in voice, movies, gaming sounds. But we will not prefer this earphone for more bass lovers.

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