In-Depth Comparison: boAt Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2

Last Updated on October 31, 2021


So you have the confusion of selecting Best earphones between Boat bassheads 242 vs realme buds 2? No Worry

We compared both earphones after an in-depth review. We all know Boat Brand is from India and Realme is from China.

But it is very interesting to compare Make in India Brand with Brands from outside of India.

We have used and compared these two products continuously for 10 days. We have also reviewed mivi thunder beats vs boat rockerz 255 in-depth on this website before.

boAt Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2

boAt Bassheads 242Realme Buds 2
ModelBassheads 242Buds 2
ColorBlack, Green, OrangeBlue, Active Black, Neon Green, Orange, Red, Spirit Lime
Connectivity3.5mm Silver Jack3.5mm Silver Jack
FeaturesIPX4 sweatproof, Shirt ClipNoise Cancelling, Magnets Earbud, Cable Organizer

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In Box


This headphone comes in a Black long box. It has Soft Pouce with Boat branding to keep headphones.

4 Soft eartips in two sizes Small and Large. The headphone itself has Medium size ear tips.

One Pamphlet designed with various BoAt products and 1 Year Warranty Card.


It comes in a white colour box includes One Documentation, Two Eartips –  Small and Large.

Design and Build Quality


The design of this headphone is funky and sporty. It comes in six colours – sky colour, black, red, yellow, green, orange.

It has removable and adjustable wings that make the headphones stylish and strengthen the headphone grip in the ear.

The headphone’s good plastic build has a glossy finish that enhances its looks.  The eartips of medium size are quite soft enough to wear the headphones for a long time.

They are so light that we had seen 3 films without any problem wearing it. This headphone is also a sweat-proof with an IPX4 rating.

Boat Basshead 242 Design


The build quality of the headphone looks very premium. We have not found its plastic quality cheap in any way.

The design of the headphone is much improved than the buds 1. eardrum has a small bend that fits very comfortably in the ears.

Eardrums also have a matte finish with a glossy finish that makes the earphone unique.

We are very impressed by its noise isolation. The design is such that we didn’t hear a noise outside even in the low volume.

This product is very lightweight and durable. This price range is beyond expectation to get such premium quality.

Magnetic is provided to connect eardrums if you are not using the headphone.

Realme Buds 2 Design

Cable & Connectors


We are impressed with cable quality. It has braided cable with the transparent pipe. We could not puzzle its cable and also tried to stretch but failed.

Its cable comes with one Shirt Clip which is a really great option for them who do physical work. Shirt Clips stop earphone from falling.

For connecting, It has a 3.5mm silver plated jack with a plastic build and BoAt branding.


This earphone’s braided cable comes with yellow cable organizer. But it is not tangled free cable. You cannot fix the cable complication quickly.

But thanks to Yellow Cable Organizer. You can wrap the cable on your hand, tie it to the organizer, which allows the cable to be easily reopened again.

It also has 3.5mm jack with a glossy finish.



The basshead controller is purely black. You find it a bit difficult to find the instant button.

This controller comes with three buttons, 2 volume control and a multifunctional button.

In terms of build quality, we seemed to be average.

BoAt Basshead 242 Controller


The build quality of the realme controller was always impressing us. Very high-quality plastic gives it a premium feel.

The controller has three buttons on it, 2 of which adjust volume which is yellow.

and the main button acts as a multifunction. such as call receive/reject, play/pause, reverse/forward media.

Realme Buds 2 Controller

Sound Quality and Microphone


We observed Basshead 242 sound quality very carefully. It provides balanced sound quality with 10mm driver size.

Don’t go with the name Bassheads. It doesn’t provide good bass quality.

We listened to every musical tone at any range – Low, Mid, High.  Bass and Treble quality is good, but Vocal quality is very impressive, such as Podcasts, Speeches, and singing.

You can listen to a very clean and sharp sound output with Basshead 242.

Its microphone captures the sound from a distance. You can not expect Noise cancellation in this product. Its microphone does not just prevent external noise.

You may have to go to a quiet place to record a clean sound.


The driver size of this product is 11.2mm which is slightly larger than basshead. We found that the larger driver size provides good sound quality but the result was beyond our expectations.

In our review, We found that it is very bass-oriented Builds. It provides very loud bass quality. Bass lovers should go for it.

This headphone sound is very clean, but the vocal and treble are suppressed because of the high bass quality.

Its microphone records very clean sound quality. These earphones are quite successful in preventing noise.

Final Words

We have understood very carefully which headphones will be the best for whom. We are giving a final opinion with every aspect in mind of boAt Bassheads 242 vs Realme Buds 2.

If you do more physical activity and rush more in the noisy area, the boat basshead 242 will be a good buy for you.

Because the basshead has shirt clips and ear wing that don’t let the headphones fall. Also, the sound quality of this headphone is very clearly heard in any area.

Realme is a good purchase if you live in a quiet area and mostly do a sitting job.

realme provides very soft sound quality. which does not give much distortion to your ears. You will love the sound that pleasing the ears.

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