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Last Updated on December 4, 2020

Best Selling Smartwatch in India: If you are tired of frequent smartphone notifications in your business life, you may be thinking about buying a smartwatch. But there are several things to keep in mind when buying a smartphone that we discuss through this best selling smartwatch in India post.

The smartwatch displays the phone’s essential notifications on your wrist that you can swipe to delete or even reply to.
smartwatch reduces the need for mobile.

The smartwatch does many essential tasks in a very short time such as

  • Respond to mobile notifications.
  • Reply to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter messages.
  • Tracking Fitness
  • Using a Heart Rate Sensor
  • Use of GPS
  • Receive / disconnect phone calls.
  • Show yourself stylish

Important Note: Before you buy any smartwatch, it is important to know whether your smartphone is compatible with the smartwatch or not. You can check the compatibility of the phone by following the link provided.

Check Smartphone Compatibility

We have compiled a list of the best selling smartwatch in India after good reviews. In this article, we have listed smartwatches for Android phones only.

1# Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch

Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch
Amazfit Bip Lite Smart Watch


  • 45 Days Battery Life
  • Ultra Lightweight 32 gram
  • IP 68 Water Resistance
  • Transflective Screen
  • Heart Rate Monitor and Sleeping Tracker
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Amazfit App
  • Compatible with Android and iOS
  • 5000+ Dial Screen Designs
  • Do Not Disturb Mode
  • Save up to 10 Notifications at a time
  • Alarm, Timer, Compass
  • Distance Tracker with Footsteps counter

During our review, we found many good and bad features in this smartwatch. But the good features override the bad ones so we’ve included this smartwatch in our list.

Best of all, this smartwatch has a 200mAh lithium-polymer battery that provides 28 to 30 days of battery backup on a single charge. You do not need to charge the battery every day.

The smartwatch’s 1.28-inch display comes with a resolution 176×176, Corning Gorilla Glass, which has a special feature that allows you to easily view the screen in direct sunlight. By the way, the smartwatch’s screen is always on, but if you want to access other features then the screen will be turned on with a single short touch.

Amazfit User Review
Amazfit Smartwatch User Review


You can access phone notifications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, messages, incoming phone calls from the smartwatch screen. This feature saves you a lot of time. But we’ve noticed a drawback that you can’t reply to notifications from a smartwatch. The physical smartwatch is so lightweight that you won’t even notice that you are wearing a smartwatch on the wrist.

You can access this smartwatch with both Android and iPhone operating systems. We have tried this smartwatch fitness tracker on Android phones. Heart rate approx 75 per cent correct. The Mi Fit application lets you easily track GPS, footsteps, sleep activity, heart rate in a (Both Smartwatch and App).

You can use more than 5000 Amazing dial designs by installing the third-party application in the smartwatch. This smartwatch ip68 has water resistance but is not waterproof.

  • Amazing Battery Backup up to 28 Days
  • IP 68 Certified Water Resistance
  • Heart Rate Accuracy 75%
  • Fast Connectivity
  • Great Combination with Mi Fit App
  • 5000 Dial designs
  • No Speaker
  • Reply to Notifications from Smartwatch

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2# Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch

Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch
Amazfit Verge Lite Smartwatch (Shark Grey)


  • AMOLED Display
  • Screen as Flashlight
  • DND Mode
  • Battery Saver Mode
  • AliPay – For Aliexpress Payments
  • Heart Rate,
  • 3 Workout Modes
  • Weather and GPS System
  • 20 to 25 Days Battery Backup

Best of all we got a screen of this smartwatch. The company has given the AMOLED touch screen display as well as a button on the side for manual access. Its design is rounded and makes you feel traditional.

This smartwatch is especially for those who are looking after their fitness. The tracking feature of this smartwatch is largely accurate, whether it be heart rate, walking and running. This smartwatch for Health has three modes, Walking, Outdoor Running, Workout. 

If cycling outdoors is selected, or running again, its GPS system starts working fast. The GPS system is slowly positioning us by inspection. Although showing some down point when using GPS But if you use it with MI fit applications then GPS works very precisely. 

User Review
User Review


In a good bad review, we found the battery backup of the smartwatch for 20 to 25 days. But unlike the Amazfit BIP, a battery backup of up to 38 days is not found, though the Amazfit Bip is always on screen. But due to the features of Health Fitness, up to 25 days of battery backup are also appreciated.

Any song can be played from the smartwatch, but you’ll need to install special music applications on the phone. Like KuGou Music, NetEase Cloud Music, Kuwo, QQ Music, Xiami, Duomi Music. You must install the MI Fit application on the phone to use all notifications. Also, the application has to be running in the background.

Overall we believe that you must install MI Fit application if you want to make full use of special features such as alarms, notifications, health monitors, event reminder.

  • Up to 25 Days Battery Backup
  • Connectivity is extremely fast
  • Full charge within 2hrs
  • Direct Sunlight
  • Accurate Weather Detail
  • No Water Resistance
  • No Always-on Display

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3# HolyHigh Waterproof Smart Watch

HolyHigh Waterproof Smart Watch
HolyHigh Waterproof Smart Watch


  • 1.3″ IPS Color Display
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • Smart Activity Tracker – Heart Rate, Calories, Footsteps, Distance.
  • Workout Tracker
  • 9 Sports Mode with GPS
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • 5 to 8 Days Battery Back
  • Inbuilt 4 Types of Dialer Designs
  • Phone Finding Feature

If we have a MUST BUY product in our review then it’ is. We can’t call it a smartwatch, it’s a fitness band but its look always makes you feel of the smartwatch. Its design is similar to Apple’s smartwatch. High contrast IPS Color screen that you can easily view in the sunlight. It has 4 types of dialer designs on the screen. The most beautiful design is digital time.

As we have already said, this is a fitness band. When it comes to fitness, this smartwatch works fabulously in terms of health. It has 9 modes for tracking health. Like Biking, Treadmill, Running, Walking, Yoga, Hiking, Climbing. Other fitness features like measuring heart rate, measuring a deep breath, alarm clock and sleep monitoring give very accurate results.

We found in our inspection that if you are a heavy user, the battery is backed up to 5 days. Up to 8 days of backup is available for Light User.

amazon user review
Amazon user review


With the VeryFit Pro application, you can also control the music such as changing the song, lowering the volume of the song, stopping the song, pause the song etc.

  • Accurate Heart Rating
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable Band
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • Accurate Pedometer
  • Value for Money Product
  • Battery backup should be up 20 days.

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4# Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch

Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch
Fitbit Versa Lite Edition Smart Watch


  • The device has 3 Type of Sensors
  • Made with Aluminum
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Vibration Motor for Notifications and Alerts
  • Store Data of 7 Days
  • IPS Color LCD
  • 2.5GB Storage
  • 3 axis accelerometer,
  • 3 axis gyroscope
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Ambient light sensor

This smartwatch is up to 80% matched if you want to get the same look like the Apple Watch Series 3. But before buying this smartwatch you must check the compatibility of your phone by visiting this link – Check Compatibility

Almost all Android mobile phones are compatible with this smartwatch. We have used this device with one plus 6. all the features and tracking systems work very well.

This device’s IPS colour screen with Multi-Touch, which comes in a 300×300 resolution, features very bright colours that can be easily seen in direct sunlight. It has a 1.32-inch screen with CORNING Gorilla Glass 3 which protects the screen from scratch. We inspected it with a knife, after attacking 3 4 times we didn’t see any scratches on the screen. 

Connectivity can only be achieved with Bluetooth version 4. No USB port on the device, WIFI, NCF, SIM slot. Only by installing the Fitbit application on the phone can we transfer data from the device. This requires you to have your account created in the Fitbit application. You can save and track your activity data such as sleep activity, food data, water data, calories data and periodically.

This device comes with a Lithium-polymer battery that gives a comfortable 5-day backup. Although we used it heavy, such as GPS tracking, keeping the heart rate going, the frequent screen turn on, fitness feature count of footsteps, sleep tracking, running, etc.

  • Value for Money
  • Heart Rate Track Accurate
  • Organize Apps
  • MEMS 3 Axis Accelerometer for Motion Tracker
  • Build with Anodized Aluminum
  • No Notification Reply
  • Battery Backup only 2 Days for Heavy User

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We have only compiled a list of these Best Selling Smartwatch in India which we have thoroughly reviewed ourselves. We can say that everyone can afford these smartwatches as they are not as expensive as Apple watches. 

These best budget smartwatches in India have also been compiled among themselves and also with other expensive watches. If you have a good budget of around Rs 10000, you can use the Fitbit versa Lite in your life. If the budget is low then it would be good to buy the Amazfit Verge lite.

It is always our endeavour to provide good smartwatch in every budget. The Best Selling Smartwatch in India in this list will meet your basic needs. We will review more smartwatches in the coming days. If anyone is going to complete all of your Importance Mails, Notifications, Activities, we will definitely add to this list. There are the best smartwatch brands in India also. We will review them soon.

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